August 31

August 31, 1:30 pm - Castro Theatre 

Show Your Shorts Program


Mr. Sam

Writer, Director and Producer: Zeus Kontoyannis

Producer: Lina Lansky

Thriller, New York, NY

30 mins.

Today is a big day for Mr. Sam. He is going to reveal to his mother that he’s finally found the love of his life. Mr. Sam has many secrets; but the biggest one he’s managed to keep hidden from everyone for so long is discovered when his best friend Sandra arrives earlier than expected and catches him red-handed.

Luckily for Sam, all may not be lost. Sandra has a secret of her own, which locks the two into a twisted pact. Life, however, is not that simple. Sam nearly breaks the pact and soon comes face to face with Sandra’s demon; and that confrontation has deadly consequences. Sam must carry the burden for both and for now, secrets remain buried.
But for how long?


Surfer’s Paradise

Director: Max Gold

Producers: Ben Palacios, Toaster Pictures, Maya Kvetny

Sci-Fi, USA

32 mins

A human invited to live in the company of AI struggles between divided loyalties.



Directors and Producers: Chuck Marra, Megan Foley Marra

Producer: Wayne Lee

Drama, San Francisco, CA

12 mins

On the anniversary of Kevin’s husband’s passing, he decided to honor his late husband’s wishes to scatter his ashes at sea. While at the beach, Kevin’s perfect plan was made complicated by the elements of nature and an unexpected stranger.


August 31, 3:30 pm - Castro Theatre 


The Guest House

Director: Maria Gargiulo

Producers: Steve Alper, Tim Robinson, Corbin Timbrook and Tom Alper

Thriller, Santa Monica, CA

96 mins

When a single dad rents the GUEST HOUSE of a wealthy bachelor, he soon discovers his new landlord's generosity comes with a price.  Starring Tom Alper, Daniel Baldwin, Timothy Robinson, Vince Van Patten, Paul Linke and Eileen Davidson.


August 31, 6:00 pm - Castro Theatre 


Giant Little Ones

Writer, Director: Keith Behrman

Producer: Allison Black

Drama/Coming of Age, USA

93 mins

Two popular teen boys, best friends since childhood, discover their lives, families, and girlfriends dramatically upended after an unexpected incident occurs on the night of a 17th birthday party.  Starring Darren Mann how will be attending the discuss the making of the film after the screening.


August 31, 8:00 pm - Castro Theatre 


MOTHERship to Reno

Director: Derek Zemrak

Producers: Joseph Cabrera, Lance Mack, Marc Estrada

Documentary, San Francisco, CA

15 mins

All aboard! The MOTHERship is calling you. Each year on Easter weekend over 100 Drag Queens from San Francisco board a bus for trek to Reno.  Heklina and Sue Casa are the “Den Mothers”- hosting the buses and wrangling this giant pack of traveling drag queens, kings, and all other species of weirdo. 


Steam Room Stories: The Movie!

Director: J.C. Calciano

Producers: J.C. Calciano, William Plyler, James Singleton

Comedy, Los Angeles, CA

95 mins

Failing cosmetics magnate Sally Fay (Traci Lords) will stop at nothing to possess the waters of the Steam Room to help lift her sagging empire. What she doesn't count on is the Steam Room Guys banding together to thwart her evil plans.


August 31, 9:45 pm - Castro Theatre 

Castro Awards Ceremony


August 31, 10:00 pm – Poesia

Closing Night After Party