August 29

August 29, 1 pm – Orinda Theatre #2


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Writer, Director and Producer: Miguel Berzal de Miguel

Drama/Thriller, Spain

70 mins

Lola lives alone with her son, Jorge, near an industrial estate in Madrid. She works long hours in a storage company for a strict and stingy boss. One night, Jorge confesses to his mother that he has begun to keep in touch with his father, Marcos, who abandoned them a long time ago. In Spanish with English subtitles. 


August 29, 3 pm - Orinda Theatre #2



Writer and Director: A.B. Shawky

Producer: Dian Eman

Adventure/Comedy, Egypt

97 mins

First-time director Shawky weaves a heartwarming but unsentimental tale of the scarred, aging leper Beshay and the ten-year-old homeless orphan boy Obama who attaches himself to the older man and refuses to leave. Surrogate father and son run away together on a rickety donkey cart in pursuit of Beshay’s dream to find the family that had long ago abandoned him at the gate of a leper colony. Acclaimed as the feel-good sensation of the 2018 Cannes Film Festival competition, this playful, poignant road movie traverses an Egypt that is light years away from the Arab Spring in its timeless view of villages, fertile fields, and the ever-present Nile, hardly more than a muddy creek. The remarkable odyssey of strange adventures, comic capers, and close calls expands on the “judgement day” meaning of its Arabic title, in a theme of acceptance and forgiveness. In Arabic with English subtitles.


August 29, 6 pm – Orinda Theatre #2

Amanogawa - The One I've Longed

Director: Shun Coney

Producer: Momoko Fukuchi

Drama, Japan

103 mins

Shiori is a high school girl, born in Tokyo, who is not good at arguing. Her mother, Satomi, is a researcher of artificial intelligence and has little time to spend with Shiori. Education-obsessed, Satomi forces Shiori to study in order to get a job. Fed up, Shiori stops going to school. When she visits her beloved grandma who taught her to play Japanese drums, Shiori finds a robot remotely controlled by a young man who was paralyzed in a traffic accident. Communicating with the robot, Shiori finds her way to live again. In Japanese with English subtitles.


August 29, 8 pm – Orinda Theatre #2

My Internship in Canada

Director: Philippe Falardeau

Producers: Luc Dery and Kim McCraw

Comedy, Canada

108 mins

An idealistic young Haitian travels to rural Quebec to intern for an independent Member of Parliament when a national debate erupts that finds the MP holding the tie-breaking vote. In French with English subtitles.