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Seasoned composers, as well as beginners, join the California Independent Film Festival in their fifth annual film scoring competition!

2019 Competition Entry now Open Until May 1st

How It Works:


Each composer will receive the same episode from the action superhero series “The Chronicles of Jessica Wu” with the original score removed. Instrumentation and placement of the music is solely up to the composer. All competitors contain the rights to their individual music, and are able to utilize the short film for their reel, but the film may not be posted on any website or public domain. Once we have received your score attached to the film, five award-winning judges of film, tv, and scoring professions, as well as the original director of the series, will select five finalists. With the large amount of competitors we get every year, we are unable to send critiques to participants. All judging will be final.

Competition Prize:


Five finalists will be chosen to have their scores screened at the festival. The top three finalists will receive the prizes as follows:


1st place: All access pass to the California Independent Film Festival, one flight to San Francisco (US Residents only), $500, and a plaque


2nd place: All access pass to the California Independent Film Festival, $250, and a certificate


3rd place: All access pass to the California Independent Film Festival, $150, and a certificate

How to Enter:


Fill out the online entry form and pay the $15 to enter. Please email Katrina@caiff.org once you make the payment, and send her the receipt, or a screenshot of your payment. She will send you the episode. Score the short film, and then upload it to Dropbox. You will then share the file to Katrina@caiff.org. We do not need your sheet music, ONLY the episode with your score attached/synced as an .mov file. Both live recordings and virtual recordings are accepted. Please name your synced .mov file with your first name, last name, and CAIFF. (ex: JordanSmithCAIFF). We will contact you if there are any issues with your submission. Please be patient as we receive many submissions. All payments made to enter the competition will be final, and there will be no reimbursements.


All scores must be finalized and bounced as a .mov for screening and entered by Wednesday, May 1st at 11:59 pm PDT.

There will be a screening of the top five finalists at the California Independent Film Festival in August/ September. The specified screening date will be available online closer to the festival. All competitors will be sent updated emails regarding festival dates and information.

Who Can Enter:


U.S. and International composers are able to submit scores. Students and emerging professionals may enter.


No assistance may be obtained from anyone besides the composer. No team of composers, only independents. Stock music, previously recorded or written music is not allowed, as well as assistance from a teacher or professional. If a competitor is found in violation of the rules, they will be disqualified.

If you have any questions, please contact Katrina Zemrak at Katrina@caiff.org.